Our Gratitude!
Dear Friends, artists, co-producers, technical crew, volunteers, tent organizers, Eldfest committee and all you who helped us and collaborated in different ways for the festival of Eldfesten/ Chaharshanbehsouri 2016 at March 15th .
At Eldfesten/ Chaharshanbehsouri has become a big success in the world is not a secret any more. It was not only those over 27000 in the heart of Stockholm, over 23000 in Gothenburg or all those 8000 people in Malmö who visited us live. The Stockholm´s show was even directly broadcasted by “Manoto” TV Channel and reached over 45 millions of people worldwide. Imagine how much joy and happiness you guys have spread to all these people over the world.
All shows was big, fantastic and amazing and it could NEVER be done without your participation and help.
In behalf of Riksteatern- Swedish National Touring Theatre- and all my colleagues in the festival management I wants herby to thank you all for making this great event happened. On a personal level, I was delighted to be working with you all with big pleasure. Whether you celebrate it or not, from the bottom of my heart I wish you all a Happy Norouz ! (Iranian, Kurdish, Afghan and Tajik New year ) and once again my biggest appreciations and gratitude.
Together with Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm we reached over 58000 audience live, congratulations everybody.
No one mentioned no one forgotten!


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